Dr. Desmond Wheeler Memorial


Dr. Desmond Wheeler, professor emeritus of chemistry, passed away on March 8, 2009 in Ireland. "Des" was a skilled synthetic organic chemist whose background included postdoctoral research with the Nobelist R. B. Woodward. He and his spouse, Dr. Maureen Wheeler, worked together at UNL on research directed toward improving synthetic routes to powerful anticancer drugs. Des one time chaired the Academic Senate and also received the prestigious James A. Lake Academic Freedom Award (1982) for the furtherance of Academic Freedom.

In his younger days, Des could regularly be found playing squash at the "University Club" on the top of the old Stuart Building or golf on one of the local courses, all of which he knew well. The Wheelers were wonderful hosts and enjoyed socializing with colleagues in the Department and across the University. Des is remembered as a good colleague and, as well, as a skilled parliamentarian and public speaker. Des and Maureen had returned to Ireland in retirement. One of his favorite activities in retirement was his study toward a degree in law. Dr. Wheeler is survived by his wife, Maureen.

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